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Mary Ocher
Faust Studio Sessions and Other Recordings

23 November 2017 / Klangbad, Sing a Song Fighter

  1. A1. Across Red Lines
  2. A2. A Beginning of Disobedience (feat. Your Government)
  3. A3. Blue Crystal Fire (with Julia Kent) (Robbie Basho cover)
  4. A4. The Deep End (parts I-II)
  5. B1. This World (edit) (live with The Great Hans Unstern Swindle)
  6. B2. Ulifant Fadera (feat. Your Government)
  7. B3. Calories in My Body
  8. B4. Piano edit (revisited)
Artists: Mary Ocher

Mary Ocher closes 2017 with the release of a further trove of songs.

The "Faust Studio Sessions and Other Recordings" 10" is a collection of pieces whose vast majority was recorded during the sessions that gave birth to "The West Against The People", Ocher's full-length release that came out on Klangbad  earlier this year to much praise, released alongside a sociopolitical essay and further collaborations (Felix Kubin, Die Toedliche Doris).

These two weeks of recordings were made with Hans Joachim Irmler at the Faust Studio, which is located in a small village by the Swiss border, in a big industrial space overlooking the Danube. Mary's two drummers, Your Government joined the sessions for a short while, the rest was recorded solo. The 10" also features a collaboration with cello player Julia Kent (Antony and The Johnsons) - in a rendition of Robbie Basho's phenomeal "Blue Crystal Fire", the second collaboration is a live recording with German experimental artist Hans Unstern and his band, known for their use of  self built instruments. 

"Faust Studio Sessions and Other Recordings" is a mutual release of the German label Klangbad and the Swedish Sing A Song Fighter.




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