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Desert Sound Colony
Fast Life

31 August 2018 / Touch From A Distance

  1. 01 Fast Life
  2. 02 Somehow I Talk
  3. 03 Finger Flies
  4. 04 Glixen feat. Baby Rollen

It has been over five years since Nick Höppner left his position as A&R and label manager of Ostgut Ton, the Berghain inhouse label, he had not only founded, but also steered through it's most creative and influential years. In the meantime, he has honed his skills both as a DJ and a producer touring the four corners of the world and releasing two critically acclaimed albums and a row of 12“ ep's. At the back of his mind, though, he always felt an itch which he can now finally scratch as he launches his very own record label, Touch From A Distance.

For the label debut Höppner enlisted the extraordinary talents of Desert Sound Colony from London, whose first two records on his own label Holding Hands, Höppner already loved and played out. On these, Desert Sound Colony's outstanding skill at sound design, composition and arrangement were already prominent and have now culminated in his Fast Life EP for Touch From A Distance. The four tracker presents DSC at his most focussed and versatile, constantly shapeshifting between the rich, bass heavy UK heritage and Continental-European traditions of dancefloor minimalism.

Opener „Fast Life“ is as huge as it gets: an undercurrent of electro breaks and a giant bass line push the track forward while celestial melodies elegantly provide contrast and relief. Next up is „Somehow I Talk“, a minimal banger not only displaying Desert Sound Colony's tongue-in-cheek humour, but also his incredible inventiveness in the studio. Deceptively simple at first listen, the track reveals an abundance of smart arrangement ideas keeping you locked all the way. The way the vocals twist and bend here is just breathtaking.

On the flip, „Finger Flies“ ramps up the tempo and the syncopation for a bass heavy chunk of fun loving beat science, before „Glixen“ closes the ep featuring Desert Sound Colony’s friend Baby Rollen who helps to steer the track's bouncing funk into deeper realms.




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