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Will Saul & Tee Mango present Primitive Trust
Fallen Down

01 September 2017 / Aus Music

  1. 01. Fallen Down
  2. 02. Day One
  3. 03. Day One (Shanti Celeste Remix)
  4. 04. Big Tracky Disco Tool
Remixers: Shanti Celeste

'Fallen Down EP' is the second release from Tee Mango and Will Saul’s Primitive Trust project, featuring a remix by Shanti Celeste.

The title track weaves percussive shuffles and vocal refrains with glowing synths, whilst colourful melodic layers and resonating vocal stabs armour the choppy live drums of ‘Day One’.

Dekmantel regular Shanti Celeste does what she does best with her remix of Fallen Down in building a rich, hypnotic groove that steadily develops with intricacy and depth, whilst ‘Big Tracky Disco Tool’ is exactly that.




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