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Fall Into The Light

01 June 2015 / R'COUP'D

  1. 01. Fall into the Light
  2. 02. Fall into the Light (Prequel Tapes remix)
  3. 03. Fall into the Light (Margaret Dygas remix)
  4. 04. Fall int the Light (Deadbeat remix)

The trio known as Fink (Fin Greenall, Tim Thornton, Guy Whittaker) spent much of the winter and spring riding lasting acclaim for 2014’s Hard Believer whilst touring the USA and pretty much everywhere with a venue in Europe. This May, they return with a collection of re-works on ‘Horizontalism', casting a shadowy electronic filter over the the original LP’s edgily dulcet tones.

Now they present single ‘Fall Into The Light’, a glitchy, echo-laden gem from ‘Horizontalism’ released alongside three remixes that each lend a decidedly different flavour. Berlin’s Prequel Tapes stretches notes to new, metallic lengths in a constantly evolving and unfolding ten-minute re-work. Panorama Bar resident and Perlon artist Margaret Dygas reduces the track to its most hollow, but steadily beating core, delivering pure art as a result. Deadbeat adds elements of Jamaican dub to lighten the step but not detract from the mood.

All four interpretations are available in June via R’COUP’D.

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