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29 June 2018 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. 01. SCB - Extinct (ANNA remix)
  2. 02. SCB - Extinct (Ireen Amnes remix)
  3. 03. SCB - Extinct
  4. 04. SCB - Anaesthetic
Artists: SCB
Remixers: Ireen Amnes, ANNA

Under his SCB moniker, Scuba released 'Caibu', a twelve track LP of cerebral techno, darkened disco and broken beats on Hotflush back in April. It's an album that draws strength from introspection, merging subdued hypnotism, syncopated basslines and visceral ambience to find its centre. Hotflush can now introduce a series of remixes of tracks from the album with entries from ANNA, Rebekah, Mind Against, Locked Groove, Hammer, Mor Elian, Isaac Reuben, and Ireen Amnes.

The first to emerge will be two contrasting remixes of 'Extinct' by ANNA and Ireen Amnes, due out on the 29th of June.

ANNA transforms ‘Extinct’ into a driving cut that swells with tension, polishing the lo-fi edges of SCB’s original but maintaining its shadowy atmospherics.

Ireen Amnes' remix plays with the drum pattern of the original, restructuring it as frenetic and bassy in a way that is subtler than ANNA’s, but certainly no less effective.

Rounding off the package, a brand new SCB track,‘Anaesthetic’, is a melodic roller hinting at an expansion of the Caibu LP's introverted aesthetics.




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