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Everything Happens For A Reason

15 December 2017 / Forbidden Colours

  1. 01. Everything Happens For A Reason
  2. 02. Lake Nakaumi
  3. 03. Lake Nakaumi (Kastil Remix)
Artists: Reykjavik606

Next up on Forbidden Colours are modular nerds Kino Internacional and Borja Piñeiro, aka Reykjavik606, who continue to challenge the fine line between music-making and story-telling.

For “A1 - Everything Happens For A Reason”  the duo join forces with percussion maestro Odei Astibia on the drums. This jam was recorded at the infamous Mecca Studios and captures the spirit of a visceral mind trip. On the flip side, “Lake Nakaumi” leads listeners to a blissful scenario where modular sounds and pads embark on a journey together.

Basque techno mainstay Kastil steps up for the remix, delivering 7 minutes of straight forward trippy techno.

My love wears forbidden colours

My life believes

My love wears forbidden colours

My life believes in you once again




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