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Everest EP

14 October 2016 /

  1. Wiggleroom
  2. Spirit Bear
  3. Fingerprince
  4. Bungalo Grip
Artists: Hreno

Eclectic, raw, diverse and deeply driving - these 4 tracks are pure hypnotic Hreno vibes.

New Life! That is what has inspired and influenced this EP on many levels.

New life brings new inspiration and new energy often in beautifully diverse and unpredictable ways.

Everest. Positivity throughout, heights, strength, light, potential and future instantly come to mind,

when listening to these songs. We are happy to present Hrenos second release on Meander

as the follow up of his well received 2012 Frank Barns record.

180g vinyl release, comes with fullcover artwork illustrating traditional indigenous art from Borneo.




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