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Eomac, Seán Carpio

19 October 2018 / Eotrax

  1. 01 Wolf Lichen
  2. 02 Hypnum
  3. 03 Schistostega pennata
  4. 04 Parmelia Saxatilis
  5. 05 Rhytidiadelphus Squarrosus
  6. 06 Digital Moss
  7. 07 Physcomitrium
Artists: Eomac Seán Carpio

The second release in the Eotrax collaboration series - ETXC002 - takes a turn into more abstract territory with a session of improvised electronics from Irish composer and multi-instrumentalist Seán Carpio and Eomac. Using digital and analogue signals the two have created a dense ecology of feedback, pulsating clicks, irregular rhythms and noise over seven tracks. Though highly processed and distorted this is music that hints at the natural world - unexplored micro ecologies and environs beyond our senses. 




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