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Jon Dixon
Erudition: A Tribute To Marcus Belgrave

27 April 2018 / Planet E

  1. 01 Erudition (feat. Marcus Belgrave)
  2. 02 Wise Words (feat. Marcus Belgrave)
  3. 03 When Belgrave met Banks (feat. Mike Banks, Kris Johnson and De'Sean Jones)
  4. 04 Summer of 2001 (feat. De'Sean Jones)
Artists: Jon Dixon
Jon Dixon, member of Underground Resistance’s live band Timeline, pays tribute to legendary Detroit jazz trumpeter Marcus Belgrave. The EP features Belgrave himself (recorded before his passing in 2015), alongside additional contributions from Detroit musicians: UR/Timeline’s Mike Banks & saxophonist De’Sean Jones, and jazz trumpeter, composer & educator Kris Johnson.



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