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Violent Blondes
Entertaining The London Bubble

12 May 2017 / Civil Disobedience

  1. 01. Short Cable
  2. 02. Rollin' Rave
  3. 03. Post Truth Era

Civil Disobedience’s third release, Entertaining The London Bubble, is our response to the current affairs occurring around us.  We’re living through a period of events, a period of time in the UK, that will be written into the history books.  London, our home, is a bubble in all this. Since Brexit, London especially has become a melting pot of high emotions and very different versions of events.  This EP is our personal stamp of acknowledgement and expression about what’s been happening.

We think many people will tell themselves they would prefer not to remember the events of 2016, however, history is so important, it’s powerful.  It’s how we educate one another, it’s how we learn from the past, and it’s why we felt compelled to create an EP which represents the atmosphere of the political climate racing through London right now. 

Short Cable captures the mood and panic felt on the trading floor during Brexit.  Short cable itself means to sell the GBP against the USD. All vocal samples are original conversations from real life traders who consented to us using their voices on the EP.

Rollin’ Rave is a direct reference to the Rollin’ Rave event we held over NYE-NYD for 28hours.  We experienced resistance from the authorities and the event almost didn’t go ahead.  Thanks to good old trusty teamwork and an unassuming squat located on a rubbish tip in Hackney, we were able to push ahead with the party despite the odds being stacked against us.  It was a big success and the track pays homage to that.

Post-Truth Era is inspired by the lies we are fed everyday through the media, the turmoil it causes to the lives of others on a global scale and the hope that is shattered in the wake of these lies.  We believe we are living in a post-truth era.




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