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John Lever
Endless Sea (Bering Strait Remixes)

27 August 2018 / Bering Strait Archives

  1. 01 Blue Lake (Bering Strait Quiet Mix)
  2. 02 Endless Sea (Bering Strait Remix)
Artists: John Lever
Remixers: Bering Strait

John Lever (died March 2017) was the Drummer and Songwriter for the Post Punk/Indie/New Wave bands, The Politicians, The Chameleons, The Sun and the Moon and The Red Sided Garter Snakes.

With The Chameleons John recorded several seminal albums in the early 80s peaking the interest of CBS, Virgin and Geffen records. Bands such as New Order, U2 and legendary radio DJ John Peel where also big fans. The Chameleons are considered a major influence on modern Indie-rock and Shoegaze Genres, with the likes of Oasis, Slowdive and Interpol citing them as a massive inspiration.

Following up on the posthumous John Lever 1979-1999 mixtape, Jack Lever continues the series by reissuing three instrumentals produced by John and TRSGS. Here we see Jack offering up two beautiful remixes channeling heavy electronic influence under his Bering Strait alias. Endless Sea is due for release on CD & Digital, August 27th 2018.




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