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Cleric x Kmyle
Empty Shells EP

12 April 2019 / Clergy

  1. 01. Empty Shells
  2. 02. Empty Shells (James Ruskin Remix)
  3. 03. Vostrax
  4. 04. Televised
Artists: Cleric x Kmyle
Remixers: James Ruskin

The third collaborative EP sees Clergy boss, Cleric, team up with French artist Kmyle. On remix duties is Blueprint label owner, James Ruskin, in what is a perfect way to conclude the final chapter in this series of five releases (CRG011 - 015). The ‘Empty Shells EP’ is due for release April 12th.  

‘Empty Shells’ offers an unusually stripped back approach, concentrating on the raw modular rhythm that carries the track. Ruskin then offers his own perspective, adding sparse percussion and different synth elements to offer a driving counterpart to the original.  

The flip side starts with ‘Vostrax’, a strong, powerful production that teases you with acidic elements that breathe in and out of solid rhythmic, distorted drums. For the final track of the EP ‘Televised’ slows things down in tempo, but still offers a hard hitting edge.




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