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10 November 2017 / Hyperboloid

  1. 01. Warfare
  2. 02. Ego
  3. 03. Do Me Harm
  4. 04. Katy's Theme
  5. 05. Louie XV
  6. 06. Shell
Artists: Fingalick

EGO, Fingalick's insightful and atmospheric release on Hyperboloid Records celebrates the artist's journey within his own psyche, sensuality and perception of reality. The EP represents the beginning of the artist's existential journey, both personally and musically. It is the new status quo for the Berlin based artist as a producer/composer/vocalist, whose relationship with music started at the age of 3.

The six tracks are the musical distillate of young adult experiences: searching for his own self, sometimes wearing impenetrable defences, and sometimes being vulnerable in loneliness.

EGO takes the modern R&B sound in the direction of contemporary bass music with dark undertones, sharp beats and nostalgia feel, quintessential to push the genre forward.   

This is the Fingalick's first release on the futuristic Hyperboloid Records, famous for their fresh and experimental sound, world renowned artists like Pixelord, Jan Amit, WWWINGS and many more. For the label it is a big, bold step forward in an unchartered territory as the EGO represents yet another great experiment.

European tour dates, cities and support acts are to be announced soon.




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