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Luigi Tozzi
Ecate EP

16 April 2018 / Outis Music

  1. 01 Ecate
  2. 02 Leto
  3. 03 Esperide
Artists: Luigi Tozzi

Luigi Tozzi presents the Ecate EP on Outis, a year after his joint Manticora EP with label head Dino Sabatini. The Roman producer brings three distinct slices of techno, each with its own set of subtleties and the crystalline, adept sound design that defines Tozzi’s work.

Spanning the A-side is ‘Ecate', a rolling and hypnotic track with muscular, percussive bass. Throughout the track, angelic chords come and go, alongside a disorienting melody grounded by a lightly swung four to the floor kick.

The flip side opens with ‘Leto', an unapologetic club track with a gradually evolving set of drums and a weighty kick, around which other elements build. Long, resonant strings and a bell-like melody unfold as other percussive components come and go. The track falls away into atmospheric eeriness, making way for the closing track.

‘Esperede’s' swung, panning drums provide an otherworldly feel from the get go. This sets the framework for a dubbed out melody and a haunting backing drone, in opposition to the angelic chords of the EP’s first track – a perfect example of juxtaposition realised through Tozzi’s delicate sound.




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