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Dynamo and Neutrino EP

07 April 2017 / DGTL Records

  1. A1. Neutrino
  2. B1. Dynamo
Artists: KiNK
With only two months to go to the 5th edition of the festival, DGTL announces the new label with KiNK providing a two-track EP, ‘Dynamo’ and ‘Neutrino’.

In its five years DGTL has carved its style and sound worldwide as one of Amsterdam’s staple dance music institutions. This year the organisation is deepening its focus and vision. Therefore, next to expanding the efforts on sustainability with its DGTL Revolution, DGTL is launching its own imprint DGTL Records.

“The label gives us a chance to add depth to our musical ideas and vision, further solidify the way DGTL profiles itself.” - comments label manager Tim Hoeben. “After five years of hosting the festival we are now at a point where we know, what our vision and ideas are, so the label is a natural next step.” DGTL Records builds on the festival’s musical theme of an evocative cross section of the sounds and styles; showcasing forward thinking, cutting edge artists. While it will remain a global scope, as an Amsterdam based label is will support the local scene and talent. This year it will be releasing three more EP’s, of which two are to be expected from Dutch artists.

Meanwhile the one to kick off the new imprint will be the Bulgarian hardware wizard KiNK. Best known for his live performances, teemed with explosive energy, which for a consecutive year puts him to the #1 spot of live acts on RA Poll, he is also one of house’s most in demand producers. KiNK has worked with DGTL for quite some time, including last year’s audiovisual installation ‘Transmission Tower’, where the first track ‘Neutrino’ was born.

The melodic 'Neutrino', kicks off with syncopating bassline. Its interconnecting layers organically jump over and under each other, reflecting the organic character of KiNK’s live performances, where every knob touch and turn matters. On the latter, he built the B-sider 'Dynamo': "I loaded my favourite element from Neutrino in my computer and I tweaked the sound through various weird devices in my studio, till it sounded like a completely new track." As usual, he added a few endless loops on the record, "for the adventurous DJs", exclusively for the 12''.

The idea for the DGTL Records artwork is to feature a different visual/graphic artist from the DGTL ART program every year; starting with the cover from Tim Buiting and his graphical visual of the Liege train station, designed by Calatrava for this year’s releases.



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