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Dying of Jealousy

21 November 2018 / Ghostly International

  1. 1.Dying of Jealousy
  2. 2.Summer Rain
Artists: HTRK

Jonnine  Standish  and  Nigel  Yang  follow  their  recent  single,  'Drama,'  with  two  more  new  songs.  'Dying  of  Jealousy'  could  be  one  of  the  catchiest  HTRK  creations  yet,  Jonnine  Standish's  vocals  mining  the  vaults  of  unhealthy  desire  as  drum  loops  rove  across  the  sonic  spectrum.  It's  backed  by  the  spacious  'Summer  Rain.'  Like  'Dying  of  Jealousy,'  themes  of  power  and  mind  games  creep into  the  lyrics,  but  this  time  they're  smeared  across a  dirty  slow  club  jam  that  evokes  feelings  of  eyes-closed,  swaying-on-the-dance-floor  reverie.

The band are launching the single with a live set from HTRK with a special guest DJ set from BLAZER (NYC)




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