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Nicolas Bougaïeff
Dust Remixes

19 July 2018 / Mesh

  1. 01 Dust (Guy Andrews Remix)
  2. 02 Dust (Max Cooper Remix)
  3. 03 Bremsstrahlung (Deapmash Remix)
Remixers: Guy Andrews, Max Cooper, Deapmash

Nicolas Bougaïeff presents the ‘Dust’ remixes, due 19 July on Max Cooper’s MESH imprint. Across this three track package, Guy Andrews, Max Cooper and Deapmash provide diverse interpretations of Nicolas’ most recent EP

‘Dust’ borrowed its name from a short story by Greg Egan, in which a future scenario grants humans the ability to duplicate their consciousness as software, thus experiencing immortality. Inspired by this narrative, Nicolas decided to focus on the experiences of the main character, who observes himself becoming increasingly disordered in his surroundings. 

Guy Andrew’s take on the title track opens with a glistening sonic palette that morphs through ambient settings, serene at times, frenzied at others. Max Cooper takes a different stance on the same track, spiralling the fuzzy synths of the original through a rolling kick, held together by the harmonies with which his work is now synonymous. Closing off the EP, Deapmash reinterprets ‘Bremsstrahlung’ with obscure broken rhythms and droning ambience.




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