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Blue Veil
Path Unknown EP

15 June 2018 / Dichotomy Records

  1. 01. wherethetimegoes
  2. 02. Citizen Score
  3. 03. Night Czar
  4. 04. Lost In Reality
  5. 05. A Kind Of Adventure
Artists: Blue Veil

Heady, astute, deep techno and ambient from Blue Veil, a new musical project from Danny Clancy.

Blue Veil’s debut EP reveals gorgeously textured techno on tracks like ‘wherethetimegoes’ and ‘Citizen Score’, as well as crafting some tender ambient passages on cuts like ‘Night Czar’ and ‘A Kind Of Adventure’.  

The EP will be released on Dichotomy Records, a new imprint, dedicated to refined electronic music. The label’s ambition is to allow artists to explore dichotomies through their work, as they span sonic landscapes from pure ambient to techno, and other abstract dance sounds in-between. There will be a strong attention to the visual presentation of the label, with all artwork and photography also created by label boss Danny Clancy.

With the next release lined up from Ahu, and more to follow from there, the agenda for Dichotomy Records looks hugely promising indeed.




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