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Stacey Pullen
Detroit Love Mixed By Stacey Pullen

18 May 2018 / Detroit Love

  1. 01 Soulphiction - Ann Arbor (Original Mix)
  2. 02 Craig Sherrad - The Fader
  3. 03 Remote Viewing Party - 410
  4. 04 Delano Smith - They're Coming
  5. 05 Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
  6. 06 Burning Bridges - System
  7. 07 Gary Martin - Galaxy Style
  8. 08 Ken Young - Horney Chords
  9. 09 Ataxia - Time
  10. 10 DJ 3000 - Delray (Original Mix)
  11. 11 Sawlin - Wired Everything
  12. 12 Chicola - Sidechain Memory
  13. 13 MOTUO - Purple Pulse
  14. 14 Burning Bridges - Low Down (Original Mix)
  15. 15 Gary Martin - We Get Down (12inch Mix)
  16. 16 Patrice Scott - Detroit State of Mind
Artists: Stacey Pullen

Detroit Love are proud to present the inaugural release on their newly founded eponymous imprint – a collaborative venture from Planet E and !K7 which aims to capture the essence of Carl Craig’s superb event series of the same name. Detroit Love mixed by Stacey Pullen is a sixteen track journey that exemplifies the diversity of the city, as well as the essence of the parties, championing both lesser known artists and familiar faces into a 74 minute mix.

As a long-time resident of the party and native of the city itself, Stacey Pullen was the natural choice to launch the label. Since emerging as part of the ‘second wave’ of Detroit techno, his heartfelt and unpredictable sets have sustained him a packed touring schedule the year round. With acclaimed mixes on fabric records, 20:20 Vision and Balance Music to name a few, his experimental mixing style and encyclopaedic music knowledge cement his status as a true innovator in the scene.

Combining artists new and old, local and international, the first mix of the series is a heady voyage into the Detroit spirit. Stacey adds: ‘I wanted to showcase the versatility of music from Detroit, whether it be a Detroit label or Detroit artist, the connection is there for you to grasp. My mix features music from across the board by artists that have been around for a while and those new to the scene.’

His track selection predominantly represents Detroit, but also details its influence on European aesthetics, bridging the transatlantic gap in the same way that the events do. Firm favourites like Marcellus Pittman, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Delano Smith, Patrice Scott, DJ 3000 and Soulphiction all feature alongside local heroes like composer Craig Sherrad, Teknotica Records label boss Gary Martin and Ataxia.

Atmospheric groove-driven tracks like Philpot Records label boss Soulphiction’s ‘Ann Arbor’ and Craig Sherrad’s ‘The Fader’ are offset against organic, jazzy cuts like Marcellus Pittman’s glistening take on Motor City Drum Ensemble’s ‘Raw Cuts’ and Motuo’s ‘Purple Pulse’. Minimal entries like Sawlin’s mind altering ‘Wired Evening’ on Delsin and Remote Viewing Party’s ‘410’ show us the trippy side of the Detroit sound, with the mix ending on scene veteran Patrice Scott’s aptly named ‘Detroit State Of Mind’.

Carl Craig launched the Detroit Love parties in 2014 as a way of representing the city’s heritage across the globe. On the decision to create a label, he explains: "Detroit Love as a label is the most obvious progression from what we have done with the parties. The idea is to connect the vibe of the parties with something people can take home with them."

Vinyl tracklist (unmixed):
A1 Gary Martin - We Get Down (12inch Mix)
A2 Craig Sherrad - The Fader
B1 DJ 3000 - Delray (Original Mix)
B2 Ken Young - Horney Chords
C1 Burning Bridges - Low Down (Original Mix)
C2 Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
D1 Remote Viewing Party - 410
D2 Soulphiction - Ann Arbor (Original Mix)




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