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Border One
Despair EP

29 May 2017 / Form and Function

  1. 01. Despair
  2. 02. Modnar
  3. 03. Insidix
  4. 04. Relic
Artists: Border One

After releases on Wolfskuil and Stockholm Ltd. Border One is set to make the first release on the new born Belgian imprint “Form and Function”. His 4 track EP marks a new momentum in his young career, with more releases planned for the no so distant future. 

His “Despair” EP sets the pace for the new Brussels based imprint that’s surfing on a wave of young talents and initiatives coming out of the country’s capital city. 

Title track Despair is a crystal clear signature track that combines all the elements that are at the core of Border One’s sound. The second track “Modnar” uses carefully modulated spacey elements in combination with swarming percussion. The B-side has two more straight forward and in your face tracks that should get any peak time party to maximum energy levels. A versatile release set to suit many DJ’s their needs.  




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