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ASA 808
Demise / Regression

20 April 2018 / TOYS Berlin

  1. 01. Demise
  2. 02. Regression
Artists: ASA 808

The first installment in a series of fresh releases, TOYS Berlin founder and George FitzGerald protégé ASA 808 delivers two floor ready DJ tools, filled with gnarly analogue synths, impelling percussion and heavy-hitting grooves. 'Demise' with its inexorable groove and relentless, roaring DSI Prophet synths is the perfect building track into a harder moment of a night, while 'Regression' bursts with tension when the angular acid Moog hooks pierce through the swirling, moody surface and swiftly evolve the tune into a sweeping and infectious peak time floor filler.

Mastering by Atjazz




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