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Dead Soul EP

07 April 2017 / Just This

  1. A1. Dead Soul
  2. A2. Dead Soul (Joey Anderson Remix)
  3. B1. Isolation
Artists: Hunter/Game
Remixers: Joey Anderson

After releasing their debut full length Album on Kompakt last year, Hunter/Game return to Just This with another immersive offering. 

On the ‘Dead Soul EP’ the duo continue to refine their expressive yet subtly arranged sound. The title track unfolds slowly, sculpting the melody, texture and suspense. Joey Anderson’s take on 'Dead Soul' is airy and atmospheric without losing its pulsing flow. ‘Isolation’ covers a broad spectrum and is filled with contrasts in which intense bass interacts with a delicate and breathy melody. 

Balance is key to Hunter/Game’s music and this EP is no exception. 




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