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Dame De Bahia

15 December 2017 / Obscura

  1. A1. Vauban
  2. A2. Polichinela
  3. B1. Dame De Bahia
  4. B2. Linale
  5. C1. Siema France
  6. C2. Gavaudan
  7. C3. Sidonie
  8. D1. Arquate
  9. D2. Matisa Anse
  10. D3. Pimprenelle
Artists: Amandra

Ahrpe Records co-founder Amandra navigates a unique space between droning ambience and polyrhythmic funk on ‘Dame De Bahia’, his first release to emerge on Italian imprint Obscura. This is the French, Warsaw-based producer’s second album and follows a string of acclaimed EPs on Ahrpe, Semantica, Tikita and Silent Season.

Complex patterns are woven through sustained tone clusters to foster an unlimited sense of energy and focus. Radiant synths glisten over live percussive loops whilst infinite pads wander the boundaries of light and dark.

Amandra uses minimalist techniques to build tranquil sonic spaces that evolve on their own accord, making way for carefully mapped out rhythmic cycles. The result is an immersive listening experience replete with subtle details, but never cluttered.

"Moody and lightful, this album combines many aspects I cherish in electronic music. Dame De Bahia LP is a direct nod to my beloved Mediterranean roots.”




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