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Peder Mannerfelt, Special Request
Curtain Twitcher EP

15 September 2017 / Houndstooth

  1. 01. Curtain Twitcher
  2. 02. Emutraxx
  3. 03. Curtain Twitcher (Nosey Parker mix)
  4. 04. Trippethylophosphazene
  5. 05. No Phone Calls
  6. 06. Real (Peder Mannerfelt Remix)
Remixers: Peder Mannerfelt

Special Request returns, taking no prisoners, with a fierce battery of snarling, belligerent, machine-funk of the highest order across a 6 track EP. Atoms are smashed, vapour clouds sent into the ether, chaos is controlled, tamed and rendered in 6 different shades of wrong… also features a deliciously spannered rework by Peder Mannerfelt to close out the ceremony…




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