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Country to Country EP

28 November 2012 / Sound Architecture

  1. A1 Completey New
  2. A2 Shit Broke Up
  3. B1 Portage
  4. B2 Idle Hands
Artists: Hreno

Sound Architecture Records is back in the form of the “Country to Country EP”. - A 12“ produced by Berlin based artist Hreno.

Hreno, is a Montreal born producer, dj and artist. Currently living in Berlin, he has joined the city’s heartbeat releasing a steady stream of quality remixes alongside his old friend The Mole. Labels such as:Turbo Recordings, Electronic Minds, Manocalda 3rd Strike,Thoughtless Music, Fur Trade, Internajional and Haunt have been requesting his and the duo‘s remix qualities.

Now keep your eyes and ears peeled for an original Hreno! His music is best described when not described.Although it has been likened to an unmanned, deep space, probe droid. Or an unrelenting pony ride at a petting zoo. Experiencing this music is like standing on a rivers edge, or on a vast precipice. Either for the bathtub or a spring mounted dance-floor. Hreno has opened his vaults. Dive into a sonic experience, travel from “Country to Country”, forget boarders, feel your heart warm up, suddenly you are “Completely New”.Then “Portage” to reach the other side and let yourself get lost..




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