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SCB, Reset Robot

16 November 2018 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. 01. Reset Robot - Slippery Jack
  2. 02. Reset Robot - Conflux
  3. 03. Reset Robot - Conflux (SCB Reaction)
  4. 04. Reset Robot & SCB - Arp
Artists: SCB Reset Robot

Reset Robot touches down with his debut on Hotflush, with two hard-hitting dancefloor excursions backed by a dubbed out remix by SCB and an even more spaced out collaboration between the two artists. 

Slippery Jack has been popping up in A-list sets since the summer, while the two versions of Conflux cover two very different interpretations of a singular idea. 'Arp', the first collaboration to emerge between Reset Robot and SCB, drops the tempo and takes things into altogether deeper territory.




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