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Communicate EP

22 March 2019 / Tower District

  1. 01. Iridium
  2. 02. You Can't Not Communicate
  3. 03. Temple Of Time
  4. 04. Among Parallels
Artists: Jaali

Jaali’s sound reflects a timeless wave of electronic music inspired by futuristic ambient spaces and expressive techno rhythm. Subtle darkness meets haunting melody, a blurred picture of the vast electronic music history.

After playing support shows for artists like Max Cooper and Four Tet, Jaali is ready to come out with their Debut EP „Communicate“.

Working out the tracks in their own studio, the record was finished in Nils Frahm’s stunning Funkhaus Saal 3 Studio. The mixing was done on his Konsul 1 desk, enhancing the radiophonic touch with the original GDR reverb chamber.

The first single “Temple of Time” will be available on February, 22nd followed by “Among Parallels” on March, 8th. The release of the EP on their home base Tower District is set for March, 22nd, digitally and on limited edition vinyl.




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