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Paula Temple

13 May 2013 / R&S Records

  1. A. Colonized
  2. B1. Colonized (Perc metal mix)
  3. B2. Cloned
  4. Digi: Colonized (Perc Bubble mix)
  5. Digi: Decolonization
Artists: Paula Temple

Paula Temple joins the R&S fold as the first female solo artist to be signed in the label's 30 years history. Her first release ‘Speck Of The Future’ was way back in 2002 and gained her the support of Jeff Mills, Claude Young, Dave Clarke and the late John Peel amongst others. After co-developing one of the first midi controllers for DJ/live performance and teaching kids in her neighbourhood how to DJ, Paula Temple finally returns to her first love - techno music. "To me it has always been about never settling for a standard; it's really about freedom, sounds that shatter the edges and our attitude as well."

As a self-confessed Noisician, her signature sound is an exploration of harmonics countering dissonance "Where the two meet - that is where the most interesting tension lives for me. Those intersections give me the shivers, where I feel most alive.” Inspirations for all three tracks came from “imagining what it would sound like to resist the control systems we encounter every day, to refuse standardisation and covert forms of colonization.”

These influences are entirely evident in the ungovernable construction of ‘Colonized’. 'Cloned' is an altogether sleeker, yet no less intense affair - slivers of a female vocal cut through glitched tough drums and dark raging synths. ‘Decolonization’ completely turns techno structures on its head with a rhythmic climax, before gradually surrendering to the emotion of Paula’s vocal ensemble.

Now, who better to supply a tension inducing remix than the UK's very own Ali Wells AKA Perc. A man whose name has long been at the forefront of the renaissance interest in bass-bin rattling, uncompromising music, alongside the likes of Silent Servant, Raime and Vatican Shadow. Here he supplies a relentless, savage 'Metal' interpretation of 'Colonized' with a break down that amps up the destruction even further that is sure to push many a dancefloor reveller over the edge. Also included is Perc's 'Bubble' mix that acts as a more breezy counterpoint to its twisted sister - sinister chords lollop around the driving drum break to hypnotic effect.




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