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Avalon Emerson
Church of Soma

30 March 2014 / Spring Theory

  1. A1. Church of Soma
  2. A2. Church of Soma (HNNY Remix)
  3. B. Synagogue of Soma
Artists: Avalon Emerson
Remixers: HNNY

For its inaugural release, Spring Theory has tapped San Francisco producer Avalon Emerson for a three-track EP. It's called Church of SoMa--which, before you get any funny ideas about Huxlean wonder drugs, is actually a reference to San Francisco's industrial South of Market district, which has been an epicenter for dance music since time immemorial. The record pays homage to her long nights spent dancing and DJing in one particularly loved SoMa warehouse.

For the titular a-side, Emerson goes deeper than she did on "Pressure"/"Quoi!," her debut 12" on Icee Hot earlier this year. It's a restrained thumper that rides a thick bassline through a maze of echoing bongos, chiming electric piano riffs, and unexpected Brazilian tribal calls. The hook comes from Emerson herself, who delivers a vocal performance that's paradoxically upfront and delicate as it weaves through the rhythm. Swedish house producer HNNY provides the remix, which teases the samples to the surface for an extended and idiosyncratic departure into Brazilian funk music.

Flip the record over, and you'll get "Synagogue of SoMa," the 12"-length b-side. Here she plays with the elements of the original, stripping things down to make way for heavy bass tones, physically affecting kicks, and floating melodic touches. But don’t be mislead, this is peak-time material for adventurous DJs looking to go beyond the ordinary.




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