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Recall EP

29 September 2017 / Lumière Noire

  1. Recall (Instrumental Version)
  2. Recall feat Ben Shemie (radio edit)
  3. Recall feat. Ben Shemie (Original Mix)
Artists: Chloé

Following her brand-new album Endless Revisions’ stellar first single The Dawn, Chloé goes down an ever more adventurous path with Recall.

Very special guest Ben Shemie, vocalist for Montréal’s mesmerizing Suuns, lends his voice to the track’s nebulous atmosphere. «Suuns is one of those rare bands whose music is felt through the body first. It’s a very disorienting feeling,» Chloé observes. The singer’s whispered vocals are right at home over the track’s mechanical, swaying beat, echoing his own band’s abrasive songcraft, which vacillates between psych and post-rock radicalism. The backbeat and vocals engage in a call and response, eventually merging together in a sort of effects-drenched pagan psalmody.

“I wanted to write a ‘pop’ song in my own way, with a heavier, more animalistic rhythm. Ben’s voice express this carnality, kind of like if the music itself was sweaty, but with a more subdued, aloof form. With Ben, you feel like you can write any type of song and that his voice will find a way to take it to another level."

Recall is a daring EP, light years away from dancefloor electronic orthodoxy, and a highlight of Chloé’s new album, a slow-burning suite that harbors its lot of enticing detours, dizzying highs and flashes of brilliance.

Photo By Noémie Goudal -
A&D by Dune Lunel -




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