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George FitzGerald
Child Remixes

15 October 2012 / Aus Music

  1. A1. Child (Geeeman Remix)
  2. B1. Lights Out (Gerry Read Remix)
  3. B2. Child (NY Stomp Remix)
Remixers: Geeeman, Gerry Read, NY Stomp

After the original George Fitzgerald ‘Child’ EP swept dance floors around the world earlier this summer, Aus return with a short and sweet set of remixes that pairs two producers who have proved integral to keeping things fresh in a world inundated with mediocre releases.

Multi-monikered Dutch producer and co-head of 4 Lux Records, Gerd aka Gert-Jan Bijl, here dons his disguise as both Geeeman and NY Stomp to supply two trademark raw and jacking tracks, which have their roots firmly planted in the early 90s Chicago scene.

Amidst a substantial crop of young producers who consistently turn out quality music, Gerry Read has forged his way to the top of many DJ lists, despite his young age. After readjusting his focus from the UK bass/post-dubstep boom, he has applied himself to crafting deep, gritty house tracks that are poised to pioneer the way forward. This take of ‘Lights Out’ is absolutely no exception.




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