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A Sacred Geometry
Chapter IV

24 November 2017 / A Sacred Geometry

  1. A1. Vega
  2. B1. Hyades
  3. B2. Nyr

A Sacred Geometry return with an impeccable EP employing ambient, organic techno as the vehicle for their ongoing narrative. ‘Chapter IV’ adds percussive shades to the vein of the chapters before it, and marks the fourth release on the Berlin based duo’s own imprint.

‘Vega’ follows swirling leads through vast ritual structures, channelling warmth in tense surroundings. ‘Hyades’ marches steadily towards a meditative state, whilst ‘Nyr’ levitates gently through ethereal space.

‘Chapter IV’ is another representation of A Sacred Geometry’s commitment to masterfully produced techno, inviting us to a unique place where unrestrained energy and serenity coexist.




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