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George FitzGerald
Burns - The Remixes

21 August 2018 / Domino Records

  1. 01 Burns (HAAis Sci-fi Hi-Fi Remix)
  2. 02 Burns (DJ Seinfeld Remix)
  3. 03 Burns (DJ Seinfeld Remix (Edit))
  4. 04 Burns
  5. 05 Burns (Edit)
  6. 06 Burns (Club Edit)
Remixers: DJ Seinfeld & HAAi

Domino are proud to present Burns - The Remixes, a five track package of harmony-driven house from George FitzGerald featuring remixes by DJ Seinfeld and HAAi due 21 August.

‘Burns’ is an emotive gem of arpeggiated runs and harmonised vocals in a sphere of subtle sound design and skeletal drums. Also featured in the package are two edits, one with a slightly more percussive drive and a club edit with atmospheric, trance-inducing build ups for good measure.

DJ Seinfeld’s remix dives straight in with infectious breaks samples, building into a swirl of processed vocals and delicate arpeggios. Phonox resident HAAi forges an abstract sonic palette for her interpretation, elongating the harmonies of the original amidst heavy processing and glitchy drums.




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