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Pontus Björland , Quackpac

06 July 2018 / BROR Records, Jens Records

  1. A1. Pontus Björland - Limits ft. Love Karlsson
  2. A2. Pontus Björland - Limits ft. Love Karlsson (DJ Lily Remix)
  3. B. Quackpac - Earthquack

BROR Records and Jens Records proudly present a Gothenburg-strong collaborative effort with BRORX1/JENS009. On the A-side Jens Records mainstay Pontus Björland delivers “Limits” with Love Karlsson on industrialesque vocals. A raw, distorted machine workout with an acid undertone.

BROR Records curator DJ Lily ups the pace with an energetic remix of “Limits”, making the most out of its original dystopian atmospheric elements, presented at a steady 132 bpm.

The B-side holds the undisclosed Gothenburg duo Quackpac with the deadly and stunningly executed late hour excursion “Earthquack”, measuring in an impressive 16 minutes (hint: don’t miss the last minute).




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