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Tora Vinter

25 May 2018 / BROR Records

  1. A Morgiana ft. Veraluz
  2. B1 Sheherazade
  3. B2 Sheherazade (DJ Lily Remix)
Artists: Tora Vinter

Gothenburg based Tora Vinter brings a sonic journey of two genre-defying tracks to BROR06, coming from releases on her own My Sonic Mountain imprint and remix work for Fever Ray (Rabid Records).

Arriving from an impression inspired by female characters of One Thousand and One Nights, Tora starts the EP with the emotive Morgiana, presenting minimalist layers of classy percussions over an eight-minute bassline workout together with Veraluz’s impassioned vocals.

Following up the A-side is the lush and evocative Sheherazade, bringing the listener from atmospheric soundscapes through suggestive drum patterns - featuring a spaced out, stepping remix by DJ Lily.




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