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Various Artists - Just This
Broken Promises Part 5

13 July 2018 / Just This

  1. 01 Skudge - Blood Work
  2. 02 My Flower - Deimos
  3. 03 Abstract Division - Disconnected
  4. 04 Hill Of Vision - Antouan
  5. 05 Hunter/Game - Fall Is Over
  6. 06 Hiver - Archetype
  7. 07 Pisetzky - Raft
  8. 08 Conforce - Non Track
  9. 09 Artefakt - Sideral Time
  10. 10 Altman - Black Saturday
  11. 11 Edit Select - Inlands
  12. 12 Edanticonf - Sense Of Loss
  13. 13 Impossible Island - Return To Dust

Milan based collective Just This return with their biggest compilation yet, a twelve track package featuring varied entries from label regulars and esoteric talents alike. 'Broken Promises Part 5' is due for release July 13th.

Melodic fragments and melancholic harmonies spiral through ricocheting drums and marching kicks. Contributions from Skudge, Hiver, Hunter/Game, Artefakt, Pisetsky and many more combine to forge a formidable package channelling moody, hypnotic techno for darkened dancefloors.




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