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Sebastian Mullaert
Broken Mirror

27 October 2017 / Mule Musiq

  1. A1. Mirrors
  2. B1. Broken Mirror
  3. B2. Broken Mirror (Wa Wu We Reflection)

Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Mullaert continues his acclaimed solo project with the outstanding ‘Broken Mirror’ EP.

Mule Musiq is a label with which Sebastian has had a long- term relationship, having presented numerous earlier works on the Tokyo based imprint. Over 12 years they have released for a number of acclaimed artists including DJ Sprinkles, Lawrence, Fred P, Henrik Schwarz and Petre Inspirescu whilst retaining a low key, but highly respected profile.

‘Broken Mirror’ arrives after 2 lauded EPs this year - ‘All The Keys Are Here’ and ‘Samunnati’ – on R&S sub-label Apollo and Default Position respectively. This year saw Sebastian join forces with one of the top 10 philharmonic orchestras in the world - Tonhalle Zürich. Working with great care he created a truly immersive audio-visual neo classical performance experience, bridging the gap between classical and electronic music. On the club side visiting settings such as Berghain, Concrete in Paris, Freerotation, Lux Lisbon, Shelter Amsterdam, Village Underground and The Block Tel Aviv to name a few.

“Broken Mirror and the Wa wu we interpretation of it were both made around a piano phrase that I recorded. The piano has a very central melodic position of the both version even though they are very different to each other.

The song called "Mirrors" is to me almost like a separate piece even though I made it as a remix to the original; working with the sounds and soundscapes in a similar way as when I remix other people's music.  I think one can here an echo of broken mirror but the new elements are too prominent so I decide to give it an individual name. ‘Mirrors’ was made the week before my gig at Berghain in may this year, and my spirit was tuned in with my upcoming gig at the techno mecca.“ 

- Sebastian Mullaert




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