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Mount Liberation Unlimited
Body Language

18 May 2018 / Permanent Vacation

  1. 01 Body Language (Swedish Version)
  2. 02 Body Language (Mouth Mix)
  3. 03 Body Language (Swedish Instrumental)

Mount Liberation Unlimited strikes back! After releases on Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space label and everyone’s favourite oddball house institution Studio Barnhus, the swedish duo, consisting of Tom Lagerman and Niklas Janzon, land on planet Permanent Vacation.  

 "Body Language" is the fifth release for MLU and you can feel that they have been places and come some ways, since their debut ep in 2014: This Ode to dancing sees Lagerman and Janzon heading into more pop-y territories than before. "The Swedish Version" is a full on pop disco track with rich instrumentation and infectious vocals that underline MLU's status as one of the best  disco and house live acts around these days. While the "Mouth Mix" is the Swedish interpretation of Chicago House and gets even more physical with its drum-heavy beats and computerized vocals. For your Karaoke party and to round up the package, we also included the instrumental of the "Swedish Version". Rocka Din Kropp! 




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