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Tomas Barfod
Better Than I Would EP

26 July 2017 / Friends of Friends

  1. 1. Better Than I Would (Club Edit)
  2. 2. Technicolor
  3. 3. Better Than I Would (Christian Nielsen Remix)
  4. 4. Better Than I Would (Yaeji Remix)
Artists: Tomas Barfod
Remixers: Christian Nielsen, Yaeji

Tomas Barfod returns to Friends of Friends with a new EP headlined by the pulsing and reverberating single “Better Than I Would”, his first new material since 2015’s 'Glory' EP. The booming single is paired with remixes from Kompakt’s Christian Neilsen, burgeoning NYC/Seoul producer Yaeji and a powerful b-side “Technicolor”, making Barfod’s return a package aimed for the dancefloor. The Danish producer, best known as drummer/producer in the band Whomadewho as well as releases for Secretly Canadian, Kompakt, B-Pitch Control, Turbo and others, is preparing his 3rd solo full-length album for release in Fall ’17. 




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