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Tom Flynn
AW18 Collection

14 September 2018 / Planet E

  1. 01 Packard
  2. 02 Anna
  3. 03 Marx
Artists: Tom Flynn

Planet E are proud to present ‘AW18 Collection’, a 3 track EP from British producer Tom Flynn due September 14th. Drawing upon a broad and learned musical understanding, ‘AW18 Collection’ fuses disparate strands from the worlds of fashion, club culture and sound design to forge a highly atmospheric, singular release.

‘Packard’, the title of which is inspired by parties in the historic Detroit power plant of the same name, establishes an unrelenting energy from the get go. A bouncing kick lays the foundations for rolling synths, unnerving vocal samples and delicate piano refrains to wander. ‘Anna’ is an indulgent nod to the catwalk, marching with intent amidst immersive chords and subtle melodies.

The B side hosts a trippy cut full of interplanetary glitches and melancholic harmonies. Drawing upon hints to the extraterrestrial, ‘Marx’ creates a dizzying swirl with glistening textures.

Carl Craig was sold straight away: “When Tom sent me his demo of ‘Packard’ I knew I wanted to release it on Planet E. The mix of looped electronics with soul of the piano brought me back to when I first heard the post-Disco classic ‘Beyond the Clouds’. I can imagine the kids on The Scene rockin' hard to this.“



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