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14 May 2018 / Aniara Recordings

  1. 01 Avasarala
  2. 02 Tape 16
  3. 03 Expansive Mood
Artists: Arkajo

After last year's Fathomless Music, Arkajo returns to Aniara with further investigations into the beauty of soundscapes and the primal power of rhythm. Title track Avasarala is a slamming broken beat poem of cosmic melancholia. Soothing yet stirring, it offers relief from the many stresses of modern life.

Tape 16 conjures bliss in the union of rugged groove and harmonic invocation. From the depths of northern darkness, it calls forth glimmering lights in rhythmic locomotion. Closing off the record, Expansive Mood is a nordic style tribal groover for dancing in the open air of the great outdoors - quintessential Aniara and a real gem.




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