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Avalon Emerson
Christine & The Queens 'The walker/ La marcheuse' (Avalon Emerson's Balcony Remix)

09 November 2018 / Because Music

  1. Christine & The Queens - La Marcheuse (Avalon Emerson Remix de Balcon)
  2. Christine & The Queens - The Walker (Avalon Emerson Balcony Remix)
Artists: Avalon Emerson
Avalon Emerson remixes “The walker” by Christine and the Queens. The English version is released today as an Amazon Original. 

“I’ve been a fan of Christine’s since her first record,” writes Avalon Emerson. Regarding her aesthetic approach to the remix Emerson explains, “I wanted to draw from some of my favorite parts of the 80’s and early 90’s: an arped EBM/Industrial leaning bassline, swimming ethereal vocals nodding toward shoegaze, and a reverb-gated snare-heavy breakbeat breakdown.”

Avalon Emerson is from the desert. While she currently lives in Berlin, the music she produces comes from the dreamlike expanse and abstract textures of the Sonoran landscapes of Arizona. In her DJ sets and productions, she offers a timeless narrative that reflects a passion for the sound design of new wave, the futurism of techno, the soul of American house and the exuberance of rave.

Christine and the Queens, AKA Héloïse Letissier, released her new album Chris in September 2018. Following the global success of her 2016 debut album Chaleur Humaine, the new album saw Letissier stepping into the physical and conceptual personae of "Chris" to create a direct record that makes no apology for its themes of sex, desire, machismo and otherness.

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