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Blow & Zavor
Assolo Part. 2

10 November 2017 / BLOW

  1. 1. Assolo 001 Sebastian Mullaert remix
  2. 2. Assolo 002 Claudio Fabrianesi remix
  3. 3. Sebastian Mullaert Bonus dub mix (DJ only)
Artists: Blow & Zavor
Remixers: Sebastian Mullaert, Claudio Fabrianesi

After "ASSOLO Part 1", born from a collaboration between Maurizio Cascella aka Blow and Maurizio Bisecco aka Zavor, an elegant product developed on two themes, rich in shades and movements between airy harmonies and rhythmic elements accompanied by incisive bass lines: the third limited edition release of the label BLOW, "ASSOLO Part 2", featuring the massive remixes by Sebastian Mullaert and Claudio Fabrianesi.

Side A "Assolo 001 Sebastian Mullaert remix" curated by the Swedish artist, known as half of Minilogue, the most influential duo in the hypnotic techno scene, revisiting impeccably the original version, a dub techno monster track with contemporary flavour and a unique sound, with recognisable features that make the bass-line the primary feature of the track and bringing the listener to different latitudes with a masterful end result full of superb harmonies.

The side B "Assolo 002 Claudio Fabrianesi remix" curated by the Roman DJ and producer, known for collaborating and releasing on Mule Musiq with Donato Dozzy, as well as releases on Wonder Wet and Attic music labels, details and originality interpret the B side in an extremely elegant way, with sound leaning to the Afro-Beat, Cosmic-house and jazz elements, keeping the eclecticity and a subtle line between the styles. 

Undoubtedly a versatile release for different needs but at the same time perfectly suited for the dancefloor. For this project, the entire artwork is handled and curated by the painter Danilo Bucchi, who for the occasion proposes a picture entitled "Assolo 2015", which is split into the corresponding covers in two parts, see its entire representation in a limited series here,




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