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Max Cooper & Tom Hodge

20 April 2015 / Fields

  1. 01. Remnants
  2. 02. Teotihuacan Part 2
  3. 03. Resonant Expanse

Electronica producer Max Cooper and pianist Tom Hodge return to FIELDS for their second collaborative EP, Artefact, beginning with the stunningly beautiful atmospheres and skittering percussion of Remnants. The song is about “the power of treasured objects and sounds to evoke involuntary emotional response,” says Cooper, “and how the memories become more real than the object itself”. Hodge, meanwhile, has laid down piano parts intended to have “a robustness to them - a robust spaciousness, a robust fragility or a robust purity, say - but something powerful enough that their essence came through, however they were manipulated by Max”

The EP continues with Teotihuacan Part 2, based on field recordings of Cooper’s 2012 visit to the pyramids of Teotihuacan. “The culture that created the pyramids has mainly been destroyed and its knowledge lost, replaced with a rebuilt, but still beautiful, tourist trap,” says Cooper. “It's a mix of loss and sadness and beauty with an edge of modern misuse,” and the track itself is based around binaural recording of the sound of a storm within Teotihuacan city. Finally, the EP ends with the exclusively electronic Resonant Expanse, where Hodge’s soloing has been edited and looped into heavily tweaked collection of growing, mutating and echoing synth parts.

Bonus track Teotihuacan Part 1 is now a free download from Max’s site In addition, Cooper has now started his EMERGENCE audiovisual tour, a show about how “everything comes from (almost) nothing”. Hodge and Cooper will debut a new live set at Berlin EMERGENCE Fri 6 March.




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