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Arp Surfer EP

16 April 2018 / Biologic Records

  1. 01. Arp Surfer
  2. 02. Spark Loop
  3. 03. Nexus (Marquis Hawkes Remix)
  4. 04. Nexus
  5. 05. Ulysses
Artists: Herzel
Remixers: Marquis Hawkes

Here we are with a new release by a new member of our family! Herzel, who previously released on Hivern Discs and Charlois presents the Arp Surfer EP.

For his first baby on our imprint, we’re happy to release 4 original gems by Herzel. As dancefloor driven as ethereal, this EP is a perfect balance between 3AM craziness and end of the night pleasures.

On top of that, we’re bringing a remix by the prolific Marquis Hawkes. An acid bomb to spice up this already powerful package.




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