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Man Power
Apologue EP

09 February 2018 / DGTL Records

  1. A1. The Duelist
  2. A2. El Mago Del Tiempo
  3. B1. Put Your Hands On The Car (And Get Ready To Die)
Artists: Man Power

On February 2nd, DGTL Records will release their third record. This time the Mexico-based-Englishman Man Power will see his music pressed on wax for the Amsterdam based label. The artist is no stranger to DGTL, as he has played at DGTL Barcelona 2017 and will be with them again for DGTL Amsterdam 2018.

Man Power his raw electronic sound, organic flourishes and diverse selection make him a perfect match for DGTL, both on stage as well as on the imprint. Next to releasing a steady flow of records on established labels like ESP Institute, Optimo Trax, Correspondant and Hivern Discs, Man Power is running his own shop as well: Me Me Me. This gives him an outlet to release music by both friends and himself. For his first release of 2018 he created a three-track EP called Apologue EP, that showcases just two of different sides of his multi-faceted musical scope.

The a-side features two firm, acid influenced tracks. The first of these two, The Duellist, is an emotive house record, with a soundscape of piano melodies, synths and syncopated percussion laid on top of an acid bassline. El Mago del Tiempo features heavy hitting kicks combined with a sharp synth pattern. It has a long build up that keeps evolving throughout the entire composition. Halfway through, the track breaks in to a raw and fierce rhythm accompanied by yearning, drawn-out synth pads.

On the flipside, Put Your Hands on the Car (And Get Ready To Die) brings back memories of a long gone past with nods to Balearic Pop, EBM, and the Soundtrack work of Stewart Copeland, James Horner, and Jan Hammer. This multi layered production has a warm and analogue sounding feel to it that rounds off a 3 dimensional release. 




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