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14 July 2017 / bbbbbb

  1. A1 Alien Transmissions
  2. A2 Jargon
  3. B1 Gett Vffreakye
  4. B2 Tesseract
Artists: Volruptus

Hailing from outer space via Reykjavik, Volruptus maps out intergalactic forms of communication on ‘Homeblast’, the latest release from Bjarki and Johnny Chrome Silver’s inimitable bbbbbb records.

Bjarki and JCS write - “The best thing about releasing someone’s music really is if he's from your hometown and is your friend. Bjargmundur, aka Volruptus, has been quietly doing his own thing for some time now and we’ve been receiving his music for more than a year and at some point it's just the right moment. He's signed to our label with the strongest EP of the year. We feel that Icelandic dance music has never been so active before. We all do know each other for a long time, finally we are more open about our music and enjoying every minute of it”

'Alien Transmissions' is a disorienting dose of acid powered electropunkfunk whilst ‘Jargon’ uses complex polyrhythms to propel a grinding techno stomper. ‘Gett Vffreakye’ uses percussive breaks and mechanised vocal chops to depict aliens having a live jam in outer space, whilst closing track ‘Tesseract’ is an angular drum workout featuring animated bass and dissonant pad calls.

Like each bbbbbb release before it, Volruptus presents an intoxicating EP that pairs impeccable sound design with an unruly approach to genre, form and style.




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