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08 December 2017 / R&S Records

  1. 01. Aleph
  2. 02. Sent
  3. 03. Opferator
  4. 04. Thanksgiving
Artists: Afriqua

Bridging instrumental tact with mysticism,Afriqua debuts his anticipated EP Aleph on R&S Records.Afriqua finds a welcome home alongside R&S’s most innovative rhythmists and experimentalists alike, with a musical work inspired by theoretical and imaginative expressions that ponder the limits of the universe.

The title track “Aleph” opens with an unrelenting swing, radiating quickly into an addicting, cosmic groove with aqueous keyboard riffs and runs. On the ionospheric “Sent,” gentle Rhodes chords counter a sequence of dissonant mechanical warbles, a call-and-response that dissipates into an uplifting resolution.

On Side B, the restrained half-time pulse of “Opferator" wades hypnotically amidst warm, textural clouds that drift in and out of the foreground. Finally, the tenacious bass line of “Thanksgiving” underlines a sinewy groove that leads us emphatically back to the dance floor, as extraterrestrial avian calls lend a touch of organic mystique.

Aleph marks the first release in an extended collaborative journey between the Berlin-based producer and the respected Belgian label; a relationship sure to yield some of the most exciting electronic music in years to come, including Afriqua’s debut album.




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