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Steffi + Martyn
Air Texture Volume VI single (2xLP)

05 October 2018 / Air Texture

  1. A1 Steffi - Between Form and Matter
  2. A2 Tracing Xircles - Kaieteur Falls
  3. B1 Basic Soul Unit - Light Out
  4. B2 As One - The Ladder
  5. C1 Martyn - Moves
  6. C2 Afik Naim - Louie's Beat
  7. D1 Late Night Approach - The Naus Galaxy
  8. D2 Answer Code Request - Pasiris
Artists: Steffi + Martyn

The Air Texture Series asks two Producers/ Performers to select a double CD worth of unreleased music.  For the first time in this series we are releasing a limited edition 2LP - 2 Vinyl Pack of selected tracks for vinyl collectors and DJs.   

Preorder 2x Vinly or 1x CD HERE




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