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Octual, Sinfol
Absolute Infinity

18 May 2018 / Just This

  1. 01 Absolute Infinity
  2. 02 Absolute Infinity (Gerd Janson Acid Only)
  3. 03 Absolute Infinity (Gerd Janson Remix)
  4. 04 Wire
Artists: Octual Sinfol
Remixers: Gerd Janson

Milan based collective Just This are proud to present the ‘Absolute Infinity EP’, a joint release from Netherlands-based producers Sinfol and Octual. Featured in this package are two remixes from Gerd Janson prescribing a heavy dose of acid.

Title track is a stripped back groove with a looping synth lead that wanders through ricocheting drums. For his first remix Gerd muffles the framework of the original, making room for a floating melody and warm lead, whilst the ‘Acid Only’ version takes the components of the original and throws them into a bath full of acid. Closing off the EP is ‘Wire’, a moody dancefloor cut for the after-hours.




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